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With more choice than ever before, which ones will cut through the noise for you?

Looking to drown out the drone of the crowd when it comes to your earbuds? Well luckily, 2021 has seen a whole host of noise-canceling true wireless earbuds hit the shelves — many boasting some of the most advanced silencing audio technology around. But with so many options out there, which noise-cancelling earbuds are the perfect fit for your ears and your wallet? Here’s a pick of some of the best performing products for 2021 to help you decide.

  1. Cleer Ally Plus

The hybrid digital noise-cancellation technology of the Ally Plus noise cancelling true wireless earbuds means that you can…

Get to know Cleer’s smart speaker that has you covered in every way

The Cleer Crescent is a modern Smart Audio Speaker with Hi-Res Audio Playback that simply has it all. Boasting both style and substance, Cleer has managed to create a unique all-in-one sound system that’s sure to deliver an outstanding audio and Google Assistant experience, while complementing the interior of any room in your house. Its wide range of intelligent features and distinctive look make it a far cry from other rival speakers currently on the market, and promises to elevate your listening experience to another level.

Sound Modes for Your Every Need

A smart home needs a smart home hub. In today’s world there are a myriad of smart home devices from a huge array of different manufacturers that provide different features and come with many compatibility settings and even their own apps.

What is usually overlooked in a home including smart devices is the quality of high design and audio these products could potentially bring into a space. Anyone is able to have a smart speaker in their home but it takes a person with fine taste and appreciation of design to consider adapting a product such as the Crescent into…

Despite the current restrictions in many places due to the ongoing pandemic regarding travel, every experienced traveller knows that a great pair of headphones should always be the first thing you are packing to help make the journey easier. Whether trying to enjoy an in-flight movie or listen to your favourite podcast to make the journey easier, a good pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones with long battery life or quality true wireless earbuds can make all the difference.

While there are now thousands of different options out there right now, from tiny earbuds to oversized noise-cancelling headphones, it’s important to…

The true wireless earbud market is experiencing rapid and wholescale growth. More and more people are now looking for wireless devices, such as active noise cancelling earbuds, due to the variety of functions they offer. This includes the ability to have hands-free calls, listen to music easily, and transport them more effectively due to the lack of wires. Consumers everywhere are looking to be able to do all this without being tethered to a smartphone, hence the boom of true wireless earbuds.

The global true wireless earbuds market is expected to grow by a rate of over 17% between 2019…

It’s safe to say that this year has had its fair share of technology developments and new gadgets, with innovations affecting every sector and industry providing a little something for everyone, no matter what their interests may be. The great thing about gadgets is that new ones will always be just around the corner and 2021 will be no different.

More so than ever next year will be the desire to make up for lost time and promote intimacy, as people look to return to a normal life where it’s OK to be close together. Of course, this should all…

Want to ditch all those cables in your house and go completely wireless? Then you’ll need to get your hands on a Bluetooth smart speaker. More and more people are seeing the benefits of a smart Bluetooth speaker with Alexa or Google Assistant these days and we’re seeing millions of these devices sold every year. Unfortunately, this means that there are now hundreds of different companies and products to choose between.

It might even be the case that one company may sell an entire lineup of Bluetooth smart speakers with different features and designs, as we’ll showcase in this article…

The best wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling over ear headphones give the gift of peace, quiet and solitude. In a hectic world of construction noises, loud traffic, screaming children and infinite distractions, high-end wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling over ear headphones silence your surroundings and let you enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard. That’s crystal clear, acoustically perfect, and the most important one, uninterrupted.

But the benefits shouldn’t just be limited to noise cancelling. No, over ear headphones should give you a wealth of benefits without seriously denting your bank balance. While being worth the price tag, you’ll…

When we talk about wireless speakers it doesn’t mean speakers with no wires at all. Most wireless smart Bluetooth speakers with Alexa or Google will have a wire joining the speaker to a power outlet while many portable versions need wires to charge them. What it means when something is referred to as a wireless speaker is that it has the ability to connect to your devices wirelessly.

However, this leads to a debate between which type of smart speaker offers the better sound experience: wired or wireless?

We see them everywhere these days and everybody wants a pair: wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can’t commute to work, go to the gym, or do almost anything without seeing somewhere with a pair. They’ve made many elements of modern life much easier, however there is one problem that lots of people still complain about when it comes to wireless Bluetooth headphones: battery life.

Short battery life means you probably spend more time charging your headphones than you do using them or have to continually limit your listening experiences due to them dying after just a short usage. Users of wireless…

Shirley Green

Shirley is a contributing writer and specializes in reviewing smart audio products, and is fond of headphones, speakers, and recording gears.

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