Aiming for Accuracy: How Cleer’s Crescent Super-Smart Speaker Can Transform Your Home

Get to know Cleer’s smart speaker that has you covered in every way

The Cleer Crescent is a modern Smart Audio Speaker with Hi-Res Audio Playback that simply has it all. Boasting both style and substance, Cleer has managed to create a unique all-in-one sound system that’s sure to deliver an outstanding audio and Google Assistant experience, while complementing the interior of any room in your house. Its wide range of intelligent features and distinctive look make it a far cry from other rival speakers currently on the market, and promises to elevate your listening experience to another level.

Sound Modes for Your Every Need

The advanced beamforming technology of the Crescent allows for flexible placement and listening positions throughout your entire home, while giving listeners an acoustic experience that feels totally real. Although compact, this intelligent WiFi smart speaker provides an expansive sound stage, mimicking the performance of much larger and more expensive audio products. Just some of the impressive audio features of the Crescent include:

● Beamforming technology and immersive audio modes

● Eight 40mm full-range drivers in a linear array

● Google Assistant

● Dual 84mm woofers for accurate and powerful bass response

● Stereo Widening mode — giving the sonic feel of a large traditional 2-channel stereo system.

● 3D audio mode — creating height and depth to the sound stage, enveloping the listener in their favorite music for the ultimate audio sweet spot.

● Room fill mode — for sound in every corner, perfect for a party situation

Super Smart Connectivity

Want all of your audio software in one place? The Cleer Crescent has you covered. This clever device will support all of your favorite streaming services and external outputs, including the likes of:

● Spotify Connect, Youtube music, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio

● Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, DLNA

● Google Assistant

● Connectivity to your analog or digital devices with Optical, AUX-In and Eternet

Features from The Future

The Crescent also comes with Google Assistant built-in, making it the perfect addition to your modern lifestyle and giving your home a truly futuristic feel. The device boasts intelligent features such as:

○ Voice-activated Google Assistant, able to help you on demand — without the need for a remote

○ Dual far-field mics for giving voice commands from a distance

Designed for Living

Within its elegant, crescent-shaped design, Cleer’s latest smart audio speaker takes a thoroughly modern approach by creating a speaker that’s meant to be the centerpiece of any room. Gone are the days of hiding your home sound system in the corner or tucking it away in the cabinet. The Crescent demands attention and appreciation with its sleek design features, including:

● Iconic arc with crisp edges

● Geometrically vaulted to help reduce resonance

● Handcrafted stainless steel speaker grille wrapped around a reinforced substructure

● Glass fiber ribs for reduced vibrations and sonic resonance

● Champagne-colored finish that neatly disguise device’s drivers and subwoofers

● A sleek and refined appearance, designed to complement the décor of your home

An Investment in Your Lifestyle

Referring to the Cleer Crescent as just a smart audio speaker almost feels reductive. Not only does it have intelligent Google Assistant technology built in to help you around the home, but it’s also a device that doubles up as a simple-to-use Bluetooth speaker. But the real selling point here is the Crescent’s linear speaker array, that blasts truly brilliant 3D audio breathing new life into the music you already listen to, from a compact single unit — not to mention the sleek design that makes it an elegant centerpiece for any home.

For a price tag of around $699, the Crescent is undeniably a little pricier than some of its competitors. However, if the many gratified customer reviews are anything to go by, it seems this really is a device worth investing in, that will truly elevate your entire home and irrevocably change the way you experience music.

Shirley is a contributing writer and specializes in reviewing smart audio products, and is fond of headphones, speakers, and recording gears.

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