Introducing the Crescent Smart Audio Speaker

A smart home needs a smart home hub. In today’s world there are a myriad of smart home devices from a huge array of different manufacturers that provide different features and come with many compatibility settings and even their own apps.

What is usually overlooked in a home including smart devices is the quality of high design and audio these products could potentially bring into a space. Anyone is able to have a smart speaker in their home but it takes a person with fine taste and appreciation of design to consider adapting a product such as the Crescent into their home. Thankfully this smart audio speaker is able to fill the void that many devices can’t fill themselves. The Crescent has overall been designed with a prestigious mindset, meticulously crafted both visually and mechanically offering itself as a centerpiece with high-tech audio features. Owning a Crescent is more than just owning a quality smart audio speaker, it’s creating a lifestyle.


Out of all the smart speakers being released in 2021, the emphasis will clearly be on creating intuitive, bespoke WiFi-enabled smart speakers with Bluetooth accessibilities; the Crescent will embody this industry shift more than any other. With entirely modern aesthetics, the Crescent looks at home in any smart house, but it is so much more than just an attractive piece of furniture. The Crescent features Google Assistant and a large linear-array of speaker drivers that leverage beamforming technology which helps to create a variety of useful and unique sound stages for three distinct listening modes depending on your situation and environment. Think of the Crescent as a beautiful piece of architecture that even an audiophile will be thrilled to listen to.

As a WiFi smart speaker, the Crescent compliments its surroundings for optimal acoustics, perfect for listening alone, with 3D mode, or with multiple people in the room at the same time. When it comes to the year ahead, the Crescent is the smart hub of the future.

The Design

Surpassing the common household use and cheap look of Amazon’s Alexa and Google Nest, the WiFfi smart speaker Crescent has been designed to be the focal point of any space. The mechanics behind the Crescent allow for an outstandingly intelligent audio experience, formatting itself for best usage. This speaker has the capability to widen its stereo soundstage far past its physical footprint, produce a 3D sound experience for listeners, and a distribution quality allowing audio to flow smoothly amongst a full room of listeners.

As for design, the Crescent adds enormous value to all spaces with its iconic arc and high-end finish clad in a stainless-steel grille with a champagne hue. The all-in-one system was created with an exceptionally modern look and beautiful engineering. Its dipped shape is also reinforced with a glass substructure and vaulted ceiling, helping to fully eliminate unwanted sonic resonance. Overall, the Crescent presents itself as a bold attractive work of art, along with the bonus of smart connectivity and easy voice-activated assistance. It’s the perfect finish to any home.

A Crescent Comparison: STAGE

It’s not just the Crescent that Cleer Audio have created to fit perfectly in a smart home, their STAGE is a top-of-the-line Bluetooth smart speaker with voice recognition powered by Alexa, set to take over the market in the coming year. Unlike Crescent that outmatches most audio products with its powerful eight speaker linear array, STAGE specializes as a Bluetooth smart speaker for the go anywhere do anything crowd that doesn’t want to sacrifice audio performance. Including its premium wireless performance which comes from its Bluetooth, while the durable casing ensures it is a water-resistant smart bluetooth speaker with Alexa built-in.

Similar in taste to the Crescent, STAGE makes it the perfect smart speaker as you can move it around your home or even outside, without needing to hide it away in awkward corners because you’re worried about damaging it. The STAGE also has a battery life that can last for up to 15 hours, while the 48mm dual neodymium drivers and passive radiators provide a high sound quality that is better than more expensive alternatives. It’s distortion-free, durable, and affordable, the STAGE is therefore the perfect addition to the modern smart home and outdoor entertaining area.

A Crescent Comparison: Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is an incredibly versatile smart home hub, somewhat similar to Crescent’s abundant features. As the Crescent is able to seamlessly connect with Google products, Samsung SmartThings can support a range of devices thanks to both Zigbee and Z-Wave integration. While the general usability of the product can still be improved, and the app it comes with is incredibly difficult and laborious, for people who are Samsung devotees with a house full of their wears, it will be a great addition to the home to bring everything together. Otherwise, the Crescent may still be the best choice for listeners looking for a compatible and versatile product.

Both products have the similarity to use through voice assistance and integrate well amongst preexisting smart devices within your homes such as Smart Bluetooth speaker with Alexa and Google Assistant, but the sound performance from Crescent is significantly more advanced and pleasing to listen to than comparative Samsung SmartThings enabled speakers..

Shirley is a contributing writer and specializes in reviewing smart audio products, and is fond of headphones, speakers, and recording gears.

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