True Wireless Earbuds Market Expecting Huge Growth in Near Future

The true wireless earbud market is experiencing rapid and wholescale growth. More and more people are now looking for wireless devices, such as active noise cancelling earbuds, due to the variety of functions they offer. This includes the ability to have hands-free calls, listen to music easily, and transport them more effectively due to the lack of wires. Consumers everywhere are looking to be able to do all this without being tethered to a smartphone, hence the boom of true wireless earbuds.

The global true wireless earbuds market is expected to grow by a rate of over 17% between 2019 and 2025 based on recent studies. Music lovers and audiobook listeners are now looking to invest in high-quality true wireless active noise cancelling earbuds that are compatible with their other devices that provide good battery life, have a premium sound quality and offer an enhanced audio experience. Currently, mobile devices are now the main way that many people consume online media and since 2010, the global smartphone market has witnessed unprecedented growth. Something which is only set to continue in the next few years. The number of smartphones being shipped topped 1.5 billion in 2015 and passed 2 billion last year with around 49% of Millennials claiming to watch videos on their mobile devices, a figure directly linked to the growth of true wireless earbuds.

This is further emphasized by the fact that Millennials are three times more likely to watch videos on their mobile devices than baby boomers, therefore they are more likely to invest in premium true wireless earbuds that are compatible with smartphones and handheld mobile devices such. These changing lifestyles and the increasing digitization of society are further driving the growth of the active noise cancelling earbuds market.

The demand for true wireless earbuds has grown in recent years as a result of the increasing number of consumers who prioritize product aesthetics, device compatibility, and add-on features. Industries such as the sports and fitness sector have witnessed a rise regarding active noise cancelling earbuds over the past few years too.

Current true wireless earbuds now include a variety of user-friendly features:

● water-resistance

● noise cancellation

● 3D surround sound technology

● increased battery life

● call functionality

● live streaming music

● gesture recognition and biometric recognition.

All of which are further accelerating this massive growth for the product. The rising demand for noise cancellation in audio settings, including hearing protection products and protective communication devices, is also driving the consumer purchase for products like active noise cancelling earbuds.

Choices Out There

True wireless earbuds are the choice of people who like to travel a lot and don’t like the added weight or discomfort that can come from over ear alternatives. Models of true wireless earbuds, like the Ally Plus from Cleer Audio as an example, are a type that is increasingly popular referred to as true in-ear headphones with noise cancellation. Having noise cancellation is key because you can block out ambient noise and limit distractions, a feature that now comes as standard for many brands due to consumer preference.

The user-friendly features mentioned earlier, such as water-resistance, a 10-hour battery life, and call functionality, all cater to current user needs, a key reason why the true wireless earbuds market will likely continue its growth. The improvements regarding sound quality, again embodied by Ally Plus, is another reason why people are making the switch from over-ear to in ear as the quality gap between the two is quickly shortening. Aspects and elements such as a 10mm Neodymium driver and improved bass response can now provide high quality soundscapes that are incredibly nuanced, especially in regards to true wireless earbuds. Earbuds like this, that can offer everything that over-ear alternatives can, just at a reduced price and smaller size are set to define the market for the next few years.

Industry Trends

True wireless earbuds such as the Goal reinforce the growth of this market due to the health and fitness sector. More and more people are now looking to take better care of themselves physically, and the majority who do this will utilize headphones as a way to help them concentrate. This is through listening to music to help set a mood or tone, or just to block out distractions allowing greater focus, but either way, true wireless earbuds are a key part of this lifestyle.

This trend is displayed through products such as the Goal, true wireless earbuds that have been designed exclusively with the health and fitness sector in mind. These products emphasize having a perfect-fit, a critical element for true wireless sport earbuds, and companies achieve this through having ergonomically designed buds, focusing on creating a secure fit so that whatever exercise the user is performing, the earbuds stay securely in place while always remaining comfortable.

Typically, most earbuds for exercise are a traditional in-ear style to help keep them in place, however this causes many comfort issues when undertaking a variety of exercises, especially when your heart rate elevates. The open ear style with secure fit that the Goal has completely fixes this problem.

By reducing the pressure through this secure fit, that feeling of your pulse pumping in your eyes disappears meaning increased comfort levels over prolonged periods that lead to more effective workouts. Other key elements that relate to the fitness sector include water-resistance and durability, something all customers value.

As the market for true wireless earbuds continues to grow rapidly, the products available will become much more specific and tailored to a defined audience, as showcased by the Ally Plus and Goal. The next few years are therefore set to be a continued boom period for the true wireless earbud industry.

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